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Amazing Healing Plants Book

If you are looking for a book that could be use as reference for finding and looking for different herbal medicine, if you’re looking for list of diseases that could be cured by using different plants, and if you’re looking on procedures on how to prepare different materials from plant to be used as curing materials, here is it.

Discover medical information for health and healing. Packed with full-colored pictures of medical plants, this book shows simple home remedies from plants right in your backyard.

I am sharing you a book that is easy to understand and read. The directions are simple, the materials or plants are available around us, you don’t need to go farther or anywhere to find them. If the plant is not in your place, don’t worry because, there is a plant in your place that could replace or substitute the plant that you’re looking for that will provide same medicinal effect.

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BY: Dr. JC Kurian BLA, MA, MSW, Ph.D., D.Sc.

“Dr. JC Kurian has been teaching BOTANY for 35 years and led numerous botanical collection tours. After completing a bachelor’s degree in biology, he obtained first-class passes in MA/M.Sc., anthropology and masters in Social Work. Later he obtained a doctorate (Ph.D.) in Medical Anthropology. An honorary D. Sc.(Doctor of Science) was given to Him at an international congress for his extensive work and publications on medicinal plants.”
“Besides being the vice president for Student Administration at Spicer Memorial College, Dr.
J.C. Kurian was also a professor of biology, anthropology, sociology and social work. He was chair of the Division of Social Sciences at Spicer Memorial College and a visiting professor in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Pune.

At present, he is the associate vice president for academic research and professor in the fields of Ethnobotany and Medical Anthropology at Asia –Pacific International University in Thailand.”

Ethnobotany = the science and study of different species of Plants.Medical
Anthropology = the science and study that deals in the prevention and treatment of diseases in human society as a whole.

Ayurvedic Physician = Doctor that treat diseases using natural remedies such as diet, herbs, water therapy, exercise and others.

Dr. J.C. Kurian being the author of the book AMAZING HEALING PLANTS is an authority, a specialist and a reliable figure in the fields of HERBAL MEDICINE.

“Amazing Healing Plants follow nearly three decades of relentless research in the best interest of humanity’s wellness. It was by a kind gesture of his that the author consented to codify his findings and call it Amazing Healing Plants.”

Therefore, AMAZING HEALING PLANTS is highly regarded, reliable reference for medicinal plants. Its listed information and suggested procedures, applications are proven effective, economical and all natural.

AMAZING HEALING PLANTS in the home makes into existing your own backyard and kitchen as drug depot.

Amazing Healing Plants are divinely appointed rules which if observed will keep human beings from disease and premature death.




“The book describes those plants that are available and used all over India and also in the tropical regions of the world, either as food or as medicine or both.”


COVER & BINDING: Mylar Cover & Hardbound

NUMBER OF PAGES: Approximately 400+


“The author has done a thoughtful job with the reader’s convenience in view.

Each medicinal plants featured in this book is accompanied by a lifelike photographs, its name in English and vernaculars, the plant’s curative properties, and directions for use. This vivid thoughtful format helps easily identify your kind of herbs for your kind of health problems. The work is reader-friendly, and the language used in simple English.”


2. Index of Ailments
3. Glossary
4. Index of Botanical Names
5. Index of English Names of Plants
6. Comprehensive Index of Plants in Various Language.
7. Active Principles of Various Plants
8. Index of Plants names in English, Tagalog, Visayan and Ilocano.


Ripe Watermelon fruit is to dissolve Kidney and Gallbladder stones, while its seeds are for Hypertension.

Papaya seeds are for Anti-Cancer.

Juice of crushed Banana stem is for Asthma.
Juice of crushed sprouted Soya Bean is for Baldness.

Powdered Duhat(Java Plum) seeds for Diabetes.

“A retrospection of the healing power of plant and a return to natural remedies is an absolute need of our time. Herbal medicine is based upon the premise that plants contain natural substances that can promote health and alleviate illness. Modern drugs or conventional medicines are often viewed as impersonal, emphasizing crisis intervention. They are not only expensive but many of them bring side effects which are sometimes more dangerous than the disease themselves.”

“The World Health Organization has estimated that perhaps 80 percent of earth’s 6.8 billion inhabitants rely upon traditional medicine for their primary health-care needs, and a major part of this therapy involves the use of plant extracts or their active principles.

Scientists in many parts of the world have carried out extensive research and have proved to humanity the effective use of herbal medicine.

Ayurveda, the traditional medical practice of India, has been recognized to have convincing and credible healing powers.”


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