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Philippine Publishing House exists as an institution for the urgent publication and circulation of books and periodicals that address the physical, mental, social, moral, and spiritual well-being of the church, community, and people groups, making them ready for the coming of the Lord.



Philippine Publishing House is a Seventh-day Adventist institution established under the direction of God to fulfill its mission through the printed page.

Our major objectives are as follows:

  • To publish quality, truth-filled literature for the church workers and members alike.
  • To aid in the advancement of the cause of God by bringing truth- filled publications to people of all walks of life.
  • To develop high spiritual standards and the spirit of workmanship among workers.

The underlying motto of the House is: People Preparing for Heaven. Preparing People for Heaven.



In August 1905, a literature evangelist from Australia, R.C. Caldwell, began selling English and Spanish books in Luzon. These books were the initial seeds of Seventh-day Adventism in the Philippines. With the coming of L.V. Finster in 1908, seeds were sown in a larger scale until the formal organization of the church in the Philippines in 1911.

In 1913, a secondhand foot-powered Colt’s Armory job press from the United States was installed in Santa Ana, Manila. After a few months of its operation, the machinery was moved to Malate.

Here in 1914, in a dilapidated horse stable, the House was born.

In 1915, a small, one-story publishing house was built in Pasay with James Wallace, an American missionary, as the first manager. Since then, other missionaries followed: E.A. Moon, W.J. Blacker, J.A. Leland, N.B. Vinning, E.H. Capman, V.D. Dortch, H.W. Bedwell, E.A. Pender, and W.D. Jemson.

The increase of work necessitated the renovation of the building, done three times, and the improvement and expansion of printing facilities.

As World War II rumbled to a close in 1945, the fleeing Japanese forces burned the publishing house, leaving the plant and equipment in ruins. But the Adventist World Headquarters in Washington, D.C., with the financial aid from the Pacific Press Publishing Association, made it possible to build and equip a new publishing house in Caloocan City, Metro Manila. The foundations of the new building were laid in July 1946, and the plant went into operation one and half years later.

In 1960, Your Health and Your Home began circulation. This publication later transformed into the now widely read Health & Home, the flagship of the House.

In 1970 the first managerial responsibility was handed over to a Filipino in the person of Elias L. Villanueva. Jeremias G. Gallego followed him. Then came Violeta C. Palma, the first female manager. In 2000, Gideon B. Buhat sat as PPH president. Currently, Florante P. Ty is the newly installed president.

Today, Philippine Publishing House continues printing a variety of books, periodicals, magazines, and tracts in English and some major languages of the Philippines.


Buildings & Infrastructure

At the end of Leland Drive in Baesa, Caloocan City, and beside Eternal Gardens Memorial Park, is the Philippine Publishing House compound. Two buildings–the main and the annex–house the press and offices. The main building is home to the administrative, editorial, treasury, and production departments. The annex accommodates the marketing department and its subsections, including the Adventist Vegetarian Food Center.


Human Resource & Development

The most important asset of Philippine Publishing House is its workers. With this in mind, the House sponsors various programs for their professional growth and development by sending representatives to seminars and events within and outside the country.

Every working day at PPH starts with a devotional period at the Progress Team Center. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, employees are also given time for sports and recreation. Workers themselves form a Socials Committee that oversees social activities like parties and special gatherings, and manages the Social Fund deducted from every regular worker’s salary. This Fund also benefits the workers in the form of birthday and Christmas gifts.

Everyone is also welcome at the House’s midweek, vespers, and Sabbath services.


Outreach & Evangelism

As a Seventh-day Adventist institution committed to spreading the three angels’ message, Philippine Publishing House sponsors evangelistic work by allotting a portion of its annual budget for evangelistic meetings and other outreach programs. Philippine Publishing House also gives free literature and materials to churches involved in evangelism.

Yearly, the House participates in the Church’s Ingathering campaign to solicit funds for moral, social, and educational uplift.

Finally, the House has already printed billions of pages of literature, published trillions of words, and touched the lives of millions of Filipinos, bringing them closer to Jesus Christ.

For nearly 100 years of existence, Philippine Publishing House remains strong, by the grace of God, and through its dedicated workers and supporters.

People preparing for heaven; preparing people for heaven.

To God be the glory!